Monday, December 1, 2014

Week of 12/1-12/5

Intro to Marketing -

12/1 -  Students will be introduced to promotion, funding, and selling. Students will begin to work on a 3-5 page PowerPoint explaining the funding and promotion aspects of a school appropriate movie.

12/2-  Students will be shown example movie and demonstration of how project should flow, "Teacher's peek".

12/3- 12/5- Students will present their project along with the movie that goes with it.

Sports & Entertainment Marketing -
Things to do:
  • Update bulletin boards
  • Brook holiday planning
  • Choose inspirational movies and complete project

Monday, November 10, 2014

Week of Nov 10-Nov 14


- Students will learn about comparison segmentation (comparing lawyers to mechanics)
- Students will begin part 2 of segmentation project ** students cannot turn in a coloring book if a hero was previously turned in.

- Health benefits mini lesson
- Students will continue to work on part 2 of project

-  "How does it fit you?" assignment
- Turn in part 2 of segmentation project

- Discuss national hunger month and issue a can food challenge.
-Start on part 3 of segmentation project

-Work on national hunger campaign

Sports marketing 

Students will be introduced to the promotion unit. Will begin by promting midnight madness with
flyers, posters, etc.

Students will take notes on promotion and plan a school event to promote

Monday, October 27, 2014

Week of 10/27-10/31


Monday - Students will finish working on their behind the music and logo assignments

Tuesday- Review segmentation notes. Students will began a seven day project, where they are required to make a magazine cover, coloring book, cereal box, CD cover, billboard,

Wednesday-  Students will take notes on the the four p's of marketing (product,price,place,promotion) They will use these to incorporate in their segmentation project

Thursday - Part one of segmentation assignments will be due.

Friday-Take a Segmentation test and product taste chips test

                                                                         Sports Marketing

 Monday- Students will begin to take notes over contracts/#'s don't lie. Continue to work on breast cancer doors

Tuesday- Students will continue taking notes over contracts, look at example contracts. Students will begin to find 3 contracts and analyze.

Wednesday-  Play a review over contracts, and complete contract assignment

Thursday-  Students will take notes on copy rights, review copy right laws

Friday-  Students will watch ESPN documentary "Broke", And note quiz over contract

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week of 10/20-10/24


Monday- Students will work on Benefit Segmentation. We will how to clearly decide benefits of a product. We will look at examples of beats,Bose, and Nike.

Tuesday- Students will pick two products that are similar and compare the two. Example Lebron James Shoe vs. Kobe Shoe. Create a list and make a recommendation of which product is the best.

Wednesday- Students will take a quiz over segmentation. Once complete students will finish their benefit segmentation assignment.

Thursday/Friday- Students will begin their Extreme Segmentation Assignment. Students will be assigned 7 demographic  segments, that they must develop a (product, billboard, postorboard, coloring book, cereal box.)

Sports Markeintg

Students will be assigned a teacher, where they will have to make their door a breast cancer door.  

Thursday/Friday Stundets will find a celeribty "Behind the Music"

Monday, October 13, 2014

Week of 10/13


Monday- Class will review Demorgpahic Semgnetation. We will begin to take notes and look at exaplems of Geographi Segmentation. Comparing Resyranctas based off location( Local-The Varsity- Regional- Zaxbts).

Tuesday- Stundets will begin to work on Geographic Segmentation Assignment. Stundets will have to to create a PP and list businesses that are located in a region.

Wednesday- Complete Assifnt on Geograph Segmentation. Work on Benfit Segmentation assignement.

Thursday- Take a Quiz over locations of the business. Make sure all work has been completed

Friday- Shark Tank Friday. Taste The Chip

Monday, October 6, 2014

Week of 10/6-10/10

Into Marketing:

Monday -
Introduction to market segmentation. Lecture on stereotypes.

Tuesday- Begin notes on marketing segmentation.

Wednesday- Lecture on understanding geographic location. compare 12 companies based of location.

Thursday- continue notes on target marketing. Students will begin to work on magazine cover based off age and gender segments

Friday- Students will complete their magazine cover and take a quiz over target marketing.

Sports Marketing:

Things to be done for the week :

-Design breast cancer shirts
-Order breast cancer items
-Organize homecoming tailgate
-Start winter sports websites
-Finish extreme sports project
-NCAA regulations
-National bullying prevention

Monday, September 29, 2014

Week of 9/29- 10/3

   Into to marketing:
Monday- Utility quiz. Begin SWOT chart ,

Tuesday- Continue SWOT chart,  "S"- strengths & "W" - weakness

Wednesday- Finish SWOT chart . students will pick 2 companies to do SWOT chart on

Thursday- Work day- students will have the day to finish and present SWOT company chart

Friday- Shark tank over SWOT. discuss breast cancer.

Sports Marketing

Sports Marketing Students will begin to work on Extreme Sports Project. Students have chossen topics and they will create a prezi or movie maker on What makes that Sport Extreme.

-Begin to work on winter Sports Websites( Wrestling,Basketball)

- Update Bulletin Boards
- Breast Cancer Preview
-Weekly Enrichment

Monday, September 22, 2014

Week of 9/22-9/26


Monday- Marketing students will review the 7 Functions of Marketing and turn in projects. Prep for test on Tuesday. Students will review Adrian Peterson/Ray Rice and discuss and share.

Tuesday- Students will take their 7 functions of marketing test. Once students complete their test,students  will review a video clip and Begin taking notes on the Utilize of Marketing.

Wednesday- We will complete taking notes on the Utilise of Marketing. Students will be given their assignment directions for their pay-dough assignment. Students will be given partners and begin.

Thursday- Work session. Students will have 75 minutes to work on their Play-Dough Assignment  The last 15 minutes we will review for Fridays Quiz.

Friday- Students will take their quiz and complete project.

                                                                           Sports Marketing

Theme for week:

Students will promote Prostate Cancer by making flyer's and signs for Fridays football  game.

Students Will take notes on on Armature vs. Professional Athletes. Students will get information on the difference in sports. We will begin to look at the difference in sports? Extreme Sports?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Week of 9/2


Tuesday- Class will begin Learning About Endorsements. Endorsement Lecture and class discussion will be conducted. Students will take notes,and be shown visual images of SHAQ and Buick and other products endorsed by celebrities.

Wednesday- Will will finish our Lecture on Endorsements, Students will then visits website Students will pick 10 products and describe who should endorse products, Why they should endorse products.

Thursday- Today will be a work session. Students will have the entire class period to work on their AS SEEN ON TV ASSIGNMENT.

Friday- We will have a short 10 question quiz over. Endorsements and Ethics. Email final As Seen on TV Assignment.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Week of 8/25 - 8/29

Marketing :

Monday 8/25 -  Unit "What is marketing" introduced. Lecture and videos of sex marketing.

Tuesday 8/26- Students review then start power point on unethical ads.

Wednesday 8/27- Students will then explore ethical ads and then add slides to power point.

Thursday 8/28- Students will receive lecture on dumb marketing ads, then slides will be added to the power point.

Friday 8/29-  Students will add finishing touched to power point , then present.

Sports Marketing:

Monday 8/25- Students will create

Tuesday 8/26- students will work on their weekly enhancement activity. senior class meeting

Wednesday 8/27- Update websites, bulletin boards, and prep for open house.

Thursday 8/28- Fantasy football draft

Friday 8/29- Weekly enhancement activity due.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Week of 8/18

Marketing : 8-18
  Students will finish their elevator pitch then complete their common assessment.
  Students will start taking notes on "know before you go". students will pick a country and begin "do's and don'ts" assignment
  Students will work on the know before you go assignment as well as do research dumb laws.
  Students will put the final touches on the know before you go assignment.
  Student will bring in examples of items from their country and present.

Lin to know before You Go:Know Before You Go.doc -

Sports Marketing : Things to do this week
  1.  Complete websites (Football,Volleyball, Softball)   
  2. Work on T-Shirts 
  3. Work on weekly enrichment activities       

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Marketing Week of 8-11/8-15

                                                                      Lets Get Started!

Monday- Students will be introduced to the Elevator Pitch. We will take notes and understand what a elevator pitch is and how it should be developed. Students will work on first part of elevator pitch.
*** Find a quote to describe yourself.

Tuesday- Students will move into the second part of their elevator pitch. After looking at examples students will begin to setup the WHO I AM piece of their elevator pitch.

Wednesday- Add the missing pieces. Students will work on their family and education portion of their elevator pitch. Today will be a  complete work session for students to develop pitch.

Thursday- Students may begin to record and recite their elevator pitch. Finish pitches, rehearse and say pitches.

Friday- Elevator pitch completion day. Students will say elevator pitch.
             Students will take Common Assessment.

Sports Marketing

Week of 8-11

All Sports Marketing  students will be developing fall sports websites.(Monday-Thursday)
Common Assessment (Friday)
Bulletin Board (Wednesday-Thursday)