Monday, March 30, 2015

Week of 3/30

Sports Marketing

Monday- Students will research divorce contracts; as well as blog about the NFL

Tuesday- Students will receive an assignment on a divorce/child support case

Wednesday- Take a test on "contracts"

Thursday- Analyze an inspirational movie

Friday- Continue inspirational movie

Intro To Marketing

Monday- Students will begin the 2 part project. Create two of the following: billboard, CD cover, superhero, video game cover, or coloring book

Tuesday- Continue working on segmentation project

Wednesday- Take test on Segmentation

Thursday- 2 Part assignment is due

Friday- Shark Tank

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week of 3/16

Sports Marketing:

Monday : Students will read and blog about the NBA to McDonald's article. They will choose four athletes, and identify contracts and incentives.

Tuesday: Students will continuing to blog about Lil Wayne's contract dispute. Take notes over agents and copyrights. March Madness prep.

Wednesday: Contracts over movie; " How do movie stars make money" notes, and choose four actors or actresses and analyze their individual contract. Continuation of March Madness prep.

Thursday: Turn in March Madness, and review contracts for the Quiz tomorrow.

Friday: Quiz over contracts


Monday: Finish "As Seen on TV" target audience assignment, and review target market.

Tuesday: Notes over age segmentation, and students will begin to work on their individual magazine.

Wednesday: What is the difference with Coach Micheal Kors discussion, and complete magazine.

Thursday: Completing comparison chart of products. 

Friday: Geographic segmentation

Monday, March 9, 2015

Week of 3/9

Sports Marketing

Monday- Students will blog on professional cheerleaders pay.Finish Project

Tuesday-  Starting a new unit on contracts, also define define 'guaranteed money'.

Wednesday- Continue/take notes on contracts, research athletes and their contracts.

Thursday- Each student will research 2 athletes and prepare their contract analysis.

Friday- Finish contract assignment. Discuss "March Madness".


Monday- Complete function project and also take test over the 7 functions.

Tuesday- Introduce new unit and standard on market segmentation; define terms.

Wednesday- Begin taking notes on demographic segmentation and start writing topic: Who Is The Target.

Thursday- Continue taking notes and finish writing topic: Who Is The Target.???

Friday- Takes notes on geographic areas and look at examples of different stores across the country.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Week of 3/2

                                               Sports  Marketing

Monday- students will discuss extreme sports such as pole dancing; will be given a rubric on their selected sport.

Tuesday- Students will continue to work on extreme sport project and review injuries on wrestling.

Wednesday- Last day to work on extreme sport project followed by discussion on brain injuries.

Thursday- Present extreme sports project

Friday- Continue presenting/ Quiz on amateur and extreme sports


Monday- Students are into to 7 functions of marketing project

Tuesday-Thursday- Complete opening questions