Monday, September 19, 2016

Week of 9-19-16

Marketing- This week focus is on Supply/Demand and deciding what the price should be on items.

Monday- Students will be introduced to Supply Demand. Does supply depend on the product or the person who says but the product. We will begin taking notes and look at key examples of products.

Tuesday- Students will continue to take notes and begin to talk about utilities in the form, time and possession. We will be given handout on the supplier.

Wednesday- Students will work on a Form Utility Assignment and SWOT analysis. Students will complete a  SWOT on a business and a individual SWOT! What happens with the price.

Thursday- Students will finish completing their SWOT assignment and FORM assignment,

Friday- Taste test Friday!

Sports Marketing-

The focus all week in Sports Marketing is Extreme Sports. What is the most dangerous sport in the world?What is the most dangerous job int eh world? We will pick extreme jobs as well learn about cheer leading. Also we will visit Mount Rushmore. Who is the best? Who belongs on top? You tell me.Be sure to defend your picks!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Week of 9/12/16


Students will work on their 7 Functions Project.

Monday- Students will look a the class-Good,bad, middle promotions. Students will share their thoughts on the process.

Tuesday-Wednesday- Thursday- Students will blog on sex in marketing. Students will work with a partner to create their 7 Functions of Marketing project. Each function should be displayed with 3 pictures to represent the function.

---Students will have a function test of Friday.
---  Students will have a taste test on   Friday 

Sports Marketing

Students will move to Pros/Ame. Notes will be given and students will work on Ame entertainment assignment

Entertainment Edition-
Students will work on a Prostate Cancer PSA.
Students will create a segment for the weekly news show

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week of 9-6-16

Sports/ Marketing 

How Was your draft. Students will look and analyze their fantasy football draft.  We will take a look at how it relates to a business.

Students will read the article.... And critique...

Students will also finish watching broke, and we will introduced to the stock market, and students will be assigned a word to teach the class on.

Words to choose from include but are not limited to...

Chapter 11                       Chapter 7
Bankruptcy                      Uncle Sam
Credit                               APR/Interest