Monday, January 30, 2017

Week of 1/30-2/3


Students will finish the 7 Functions of Marketing Project and take a quiz over functions.

Monday- Students will take their Semester 1 SLO and also compile questions on the function Financing. Understanding how money works is the goal.

Tuesday- Students will have the entire class to work on their Elevator Pitch. Students should have pitch finished at end of the day and be ready to rehearse.

Wednesday- take a quiz over the 7 Functions of Marketing. Continue to work on Pitch

Thursday- Work on Elevator Pitch for Friday.

Friday- Throw the Pitch

Sports Marketing-

Students will work on Super Bowl Assignments All Week. We will look at the money, security, risk, commercials. All factors that goes into the big game

*Friday-SuperBowl Peep rally(Make the food relate)

Monday, January 23, 2017

Week of 1/24

Sports Marketing

Students will discuss impact that sports/ent have on society. We will discuss this Make-A Wish and other charitable donations serve a a good purpose for the community. Students will also complete their weekly Top 10 assignment,


Students will work on several task this week as we accomplish 7 Functions of Marketing Thsi Week and Elevator Pitch.

Monday- Students will work on Quote and Who Am I on there elevator pitch.

Tuesday/Wednesday- Students will work on their 7 Functions Assignment and prep adn stundy for their test on Functions on Friday.

Thursday- Finish the 7 functions assignments and work on part 3 of your elevator pitch.

Friday- Turn in 7 Functions task and take test. Students will print a rough draft of Elevator Pitch Part 1-4.