Monday, September 29, 2014

Week of 9/29- 10/3

   Into to marketing:
Monday- Utility quiz. Begin SWOT chart ,

Tuesday- Continue SWOT chart,  "S"- strengths & "W" - weakness

Wednesday- Finish SWOT chart . students will pick 2 companies to do SWOT chart on

Thursday- Work day- students will have the day to finish and present SWOT company chart

Friday- Shark tank over SWOT. discuss breast cancer.

Sports Marketing

Sports Marketing Students will begin to work on Extreme Sports Project. Students have chossen topics and they will create a prezi or movie maker on What makes that Sport Extreme.

-Begin to work on winter Sports Websites( Wrestling,Basketball)

- Update Bulletin Boards
- Breast Cancer Preview
-Weekly Enrichment

Monday, September 22, 2014

Week of 9/22-9/26


Monday- Marketing students will review the 7 Functions of Marketing and turn in projects. Prep for test on Tuesday. Students will review Adrian Peterson/Ray Rice and discuss and share.

Tuesday- Students will take their 7 functions of marketing test. Once students complete their test,students  will review a video clip and Begin taking notes on the Utilize of Marketing.

Wednesday- We will complete taking notes on the Utilise of Marketing. Students will be given their assignment directions for their pay-dough assignment. Students will be given partners and begin.

Thursday- Work session. Students will have 75 minutes to work on their Play-Dough Assignment  The last 15 minutes we will review for Fridays Quiz.

Friday- Students will take their quiz and complete project.

                                                                           Sports Marketing

Theme for week:

Students will promote Prostate Cancer by making flyer's and signs for Fridays football  game.

Students Will take notes on on Armature vs. Professional Athletes. Students will get information on the difference in sports. We will begin to look at the difference in sports? Extreme Sports?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Week of 9/2


Tuesday- Class will begin Learning About Endorsements. Endorsement Lecture and class discussion will be conducted. Students will take notes,and be shown visual images of SHAQ and Buick and other products endorsed by celebrities.

Wednesday- Will will finish our Lecture on Endorsements, Students will then visits website Students will pick 10 products and describe who should endorse products, Why they should endorse products.

Thursday- Today will be a work session. Students will have the entire class period to work on their AS SEEN ON TV ASSIGNMENT.

Friday- We will have a short 10 question quiz over. Endorsements and Ethics. Email final As Seen on TV Assignment.