Monday, November 2, 2015

Week of 11/2


Monday- Students will discuss the money that Halloween makes. Students will also watch the show "Broke" and observe how money is wasted.

Tuesday- Students will begin to discuss "SWOT" and what a business needs. They will use this to pick a business and discuss both personal and business SWOT.

Wednesday- Students will work on business SWOT and personal SWOT. This will allow students to take a look at themselves.

Thursday- Students will finish SWOT assignment.

Friday- Students will watch "Inside Nike" and observe what goes wrong.

Sports Marketing

Monday- Students will watch Broke and learn about athletes and guaranteed money.

Tuesday- Students will search athletes and rappers to learn real life examples if guaranteed money. Students will also begin their enrichment activity.

Wednesday- Students will begin to work on promotion radio commercials.  We will also look into guaranteed money of entertainers.

Thursday/Friday- Students will work on promotional assignment.