Monday, October 24, 2016

Week of 10/24/16


In this week of Marketing students will work on the meaning of color, Geographic Segmentation, and the magazine covers.

Monday- Students will take notes on Location and begin to research 5 business of each type. Determine what is a franchise.

Tuesday- Students will research a company and how much it is to purchase a company, and begin to finish research companies.

Wednesday- Friday- Students will look up the meaning of color and research the theme of each. This will help students create their magazine covers

Sports Marketing-

Prep for Silent Library. Students will spend the week preparing for the weekly news show,. Groups will be filming on segments of Breast Cancer, Entertainment Segment and others that come up,

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week of 10-10-16

Sports Marketing

Students will be putting the final touches on their Breast Cancer Doors and working on a weekly PSA on Breast Cancer for the weekly show. In addition students will be working on Homecoming Week Entertainment Segment for the show.

Beyond the Textbook:
Students will be engaged in heavy discussion and research on the impact of sexual preference in the workplace and the playing field. Students will research a person or situation that faces these challenges.