Monday, November 2, 2015

Week of 11/2


Monday- Students will discuss the money that Halloween makes. Students will also watch the show "Broke" and observe how money is wasted.

Tuesday- Students will begin to discuss "SWOT" and what a business needs. They will use this to pick a business and discuss both personal and business SWOT.

Wednesday- Students will work on business SWOT and personal SWOT. This will allow students to take a look at themselves.

Thursday- Students will finish SWOT assignment.

Friday- Students will watch "Inside Nike" and observe what goes wrong.

Sports Marketing

Monday- Students will watch Broke and learn about athletes and guaranteed money.

Tuesday- Students will search athletes and rappers to learn real life examples if guaranteed money. Students will also begin their enrichment activity.

Wednesday- Students will begin to work on promotion radio commercials.  We will also look into guaranteed money of entertainers.

Thursday/Friday- Students will work on promotional assignment.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Week of 10/26 (2nd 6 Weeks)


Monday- Students will blog about McDonalds new all day breakfast and complete location assignment

Tuesday- Students will take notes on the benefit segment and the 4 P's of Marketing

Wednesday- Students will work on the 4 P's of marketing assignment and begin reviewing for Thursdays test

Thursday- Students will take segment unit test

Friday- Students will work on Shark Tank assignment and work on any make-up work. \

Sports Marketing

Monday- Students will work on project

Tuesday- Students will teach the class on their NCAA project

Wednesday- Students will continue teaching their NCAA projects

Thursday- Test over Extreme & NCAA

Friday- Entertainment Show

Monday, October 19, 2015

Week of 10/19- 10/24


Monday- Students will present their SuperHero Project! Be reminded the importance of color on the project. Begin to take notes on Demographic Segmentation

Tuesday- Students will take notes on Demographic Area. Discuss the importance of location and the impact on society.

Wednesday/Thursday- Students  will be working on a demographic segmentation project. The four markets in the area they will show 5 features of the area.

Friday- Turn i Demographic Segmentation Project. Do an current even blog on TMZ  or bossip!

Sports Marketing

Monday- Sports Marketing Students  will present their Extreme Sports Project.

Tuesday- We will review our NCAA.Org and Title ( in preparation for the test on Wednesday. Exam the NCAA and the scope that it has on being enrolled.

Wednesday- Students will take a test over Title 9, and then begin to work on one of two projects

Thursday/Friday- Students  are woking on 1) Project 2) Behind the music project

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week of 8/31


Monday- Students will be introduced to the seven functions of marketing and take notes.

Tuesday- Students will finish 7 functions of marketing notes and will be given "How Does It Get Here" assignment.

Wednesday-Students will take the SLO (4th) and continue to work on "How Does It Get Here" assignment.

Thursday-Students will take the SLO (1st) and continue to work on "How Does It Get Here" assignment.

Friday-Students will be introduced to Functions Project. Shark Tank friday.

Sport Marketing

Monday- Students will start the bottom 25 and do the weekly enrichment activity.

Tuesday- Students will create cheat sheets for fantasy football and continue to on weekly enrichment activity.

Wednesday- Students will look up terms on funding and continue to work on weekly enrichment activity.

Thursday- Students will prepare for fantasy football draft and finish enrichment activity

Friday- Draft Day

Monday, August 24, 2015

week of 8/24 -8/28


 -Students will be given a lecture on gestures, dumb laws, and customs/norms.

 -Students will continued to be lectured, then pick a country and create "Know Before You Go".

 -Students will continue to work on "Know Before You Go" and watch gesture clips.

 -Students will finish "Know Before You Go".

 -Students will take a gesture quiz, then we will proceed with "Eat the Country" activity.


 -Students will be lectured on: "What is a Sport" and "What is Entertainment"

 -Students will pick a bottom 100 team or college and create a promotional campaign

 -Students will work on weekly enrichment promotion and continue to work on their college campaign

 -We will begin to discuss Breast Cancer and work on enrichment activities.

 -Students will complete the trust fall activity and turn in "What is a Sport". Take a look into entertainment.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Week of 8/17-8-21

Sports Marketing

Monday-Students wil create an ESPN account for future reference, also students will finish presenting "motivational video". 

Tuesday- Students will discuss icons and create a "Mount Rushmore". 

Wednesday- Students will create a storyboard and commence on "Believe You Can "Project

Thursday- Students will continue to work on their "Believe You Can"project.

Friday- Students will finish their "Believe You Can" Project. Including "Lays Potato Chips Taste Test ". 


Monday- Students will have a free write work session on their elevator pitch

Tuesday- Students will continue to work on elevator pitch. Also meeting with teacher one on one for editing. 

Wednesday- "Time to Remember" rehearsal.

Thursday- Students will finish their "Time to Remember" rehearsal and begin recording

Friday- Students will present elevator pitch.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Week of 8/10-8/15


Monday- Students will blog about how sex has an impact in marketing. Students will be introduced to communication in marketing.

Tuesday- Students will begin the hygiene memo project using the strategies of communication taught in class monday.

Wednesday-Students will blog about Marketing. Students will also email their hygene assignment that is due .

Thursday- Students will be introduced in "What will you do in 60 seconds" also introducing elevator pitch.

Friday-Students will create their 60 second elevator pitch and commence to record elevator pitch.  

Sports Marketing

Monday-Students are introduce to sports motivating video clips, also commence on creating their own mash up of motivational clips.  

Tuesday-Students will observe more motivational sports clips and continue to work on their video clip assignment.

Wednesday-Students continue to work on their motivational video clips assignment.

Thursday-Student will turn in their motivational clips and class will observe and critique classmates work.

Friday- Students will observe a motivational movie and students have to start working on their story board for next week.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Welcome Back!

Students welcome back to he 2015-2016 school year! We are going to have a great year I'm looking forward to whats ahead!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Week of 4/13

Sports Marketing

Monday- Students will blog: Fast and Furious 7/ Death of a student athlete

Tuesday- Students will take notes on advertising and sale promotion

Wednesday- Students will listen to commercials; Introduce the Audacity software followed by starting commercials.

Thursday- Continue working on commercials

Friday- Final touches on commercials

Intro Marketing

Monday - Final touches on superheros

Tuesday- Introduce students to the distribution unit as well as take notes on Wholesale vs Retail

Wednesday- Students will begin to work on The $140 Wholesale assignment

Thursday- Continue Wholesale assignment

Friday- Wholesale assignment is due, as well as watch an episode on "Extreme Couponing"

Monday, March 30, 2015

Week of 3/30

Sports Marketing

Monday- Students will research divorce contracts; as well as blog about the NFL

Tuesday- Students will receive an assignment on a divorce/child support case

Wednesday- Take a test on "contracts"

Thursday- Analyze an inspirational movie

Friday- Continue inspirational movie

Intro To Marketing

Monday- Students will begin the 2 part project. Create two of the following: billboard, CD cover, superhero, video game cover, or coloring book

Tuesday- Continue working on segmentation project

Wednesday- Take test on Segmentation

Thursday- 2 Part assignment is due

Friday- Shark Tank

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week of 3/16

Sports Marketing:

Monday : Students will read and blog about the NBA to McDonald's article. They will choose four athletes, and identify contracts and incentives.

Tuesday: Students will continuing to blog about Lil Wayne's contract dispute. Take notes over agents and copyrights. March Madness prep.

Wednesday: Contracts over movie; " How do movie stars make money" notes, and choose four actors or actresses and analyze their individual contract. Continuation of March Madness prep.

Thursday: Turn in March Madness, and review contracts for the Quiz tomorrow.

Friday: Quiz over contracts


Monday: Finish "As Seen on TV" target audience assignment, and review target market.

Tuesday: Notes over age segmentation, and students will begin to work on their individual magazine.

Wednesday: What is the difference with Coach Micheal Kors discussion, and complete magazine.

Thursday: Completing comparison chart of products. 

Friday: Geographic segmentation

Monday, March 9, 2015

Week of 3/9

Sports Marketing

Monday- Students will blog on professional cheerleaders pay.Finish Project

Tuesday-  Starting a new unit on contracts, also define define 'guaranteed money'.

Wednesday- Continue/take notes on contracts, research athletes and their contracts.

Thursday- Each student will research 2 athletes and prepare their contract analysis.

Friday- Finish contract assignment. Discuss "March Madness".


Monday- Complete function project and also take test over the 7 functions.

Tuesday- Introduce new unit and standard on market segmentation; define terms.

Wednesday- Begin taking notes on demographic segmentation and start writing topic: Who Is The Target.

Thursday- Continue taking notes and finish writing topic: Who Is The Target.???

Friday- Takes notes on geographic areas and look at examples of different stores across the country.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Week of 3/2

                                               Sports  Marketing

Monday- students will discuss extreme sports such as pole dancing; will be given a rubric on their selected sport.

Tuesday- Students will continue to work on extreme sport project and review injuries on wrestling.

Wednesday- Last day to work on extreme sport project followed by discussion on brain injuries.

Thursday- Present extreme sports project

Friday- Continue presenting/ Quiz on amateur and extreme sports


Monday- Students are into to 7 functions of marketing project

Tuesday-Thursday- Complete opening questions

Monday, February 9, 2015

Week of 2/9- Important Announcement

                                                                     All Classes

On Saturday morning at 4:00 am exactly my baby girl Jordyn Brown was born. She is doing fine and resting. Coming home from hospital today. Your assignments are posted on board for the next few days.

Take care of business in the class this week and I will see you in a few days.

Coach Brown

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Week of 2/2/15

Marketing :

2/2/15-introduced "what is marketing " unit.
Students will begin taking guided notes

2/3/15- discussion on good and services with examples of both.
Students will continue notes

2/4/15- finish notes, begin goods and services activity

2/5/15- review the 7 functions of marketing .
Introduce the wheel project instructions

2/6/15- students will begin wheel projects.

Sports Marketing:

2/2/15- discussion on super Bowl commercials & half time performance
Students created blog post on their thoughts about super bowl

2/3/15- students are introduced to new unit on professional and amateur sports.
Students will start taking guided notes.

2/4/15- discussion on the importance of national signing day.
Students will continue amateur notes.

2/5/15- finish note.
Students will select title 9/ extreme sports project

2/6/15- begin extreme sports project .

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week of 1/20- 1/23


Monday- Students will discuss the financial impact of MLK day and events
                 Take common assessment
Tuesday-  Film/act elevator pitch
                Define chapter one
Wednesday- Finish elevator pitches
                    Begin "What is marketing" power point
Thursday- Completing "What is marketing" power opint
                  Last call for elevator pitches
Friday- Intro to the 7 functions of marketing project

Sports Marketing

Monday- Take common assessment
                Class discussion of athletic competition
                Students will post blog on topic

Monday, January 12, 2015

Week of 1/12/15 - 1/16/15

 Intro to marketing-

1/12/15: Today we will introduce elevator pitches. Understanding the importance of a first impression.

1/13/15: students will begin working on their own elevator pitch and start by finding a quote that fits them best.

1/14/15 - 1/15/15: Continue working on elevator pitch and practice performing it face to face.

1/16/15: - common assessment- , finish working on elevator pitches.

Sports and entertainment marketing:

1/12/15: Students will finish working on College, sport, or movie brochure and turn them in.

1/13/15: Introduction PowerPoint to pro/college sports.

1/14/15: Finish Powerpoint on Sports. Look Behind the music Lyrics

1/15/15:Kids will pick 4 songs with lyrics and say the meaning of the songs.

1/16/15: common assessment -