Monday, October 27, 2014

Week of 10/27-10/31


Monday - Students will finish working on their behind the music and logo assignments

Tuesday- Review segmentation notes. Students will began a seven day project, where they are required to make a magazine cover, coloring book, cereal box, CD cover, billboard,

Wednesday-  Students will take notes on the the four p's of marketing (product,price,place,promotion) They will use these to incorporate in their segmentation project

Thursday - Part one of segmentation assignments will be due.

Friday-Take a Segmentation test and product taste chips test

                                                                         Sports Marketing

 Monday- Students will begin to take notes over contracts/#'s don't lie. Continue to work on breast cancer doors

Tuesday- Students will continue taking notes over contracts, look at example contracts. Students will begin to find 3 contracts and analyze.

Wednesday-  Play a review over contracts, and complete contract assignment

Thursday-  Students will take notes on copy rights, review copy right laws

Friday-  Students will watch ESPN documentary "Broke", And note quiz over contract

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week of 10/20-10/24


Monday- Students will work on Benefit Segmentation. We will how to clearly decide benefits of a product. We will look at examples of beats,Bose, and Nike.

Tuesday- Students will pick two products that are similar and compare the two. Example Lebron James Shoe vs. Kobe Shoe. Create a list and make a recommendation of which product is the best.

Wednesday- Students will take a quiz over segmentation. Once complete students will finish their benefit segmentation assignment.

Thursday/Friday- Students will begin their Extreme Segmentation Assignment. Students will be assigned 7 demographic  segments, that they must develop a (product, billboard, postorboard, coloring book, cereal box.)

Sports Markeintg

Students will be assigned a teacher, where they will have to make their door a breast cancer door.  

Thursday/Friday Stundets will find a celeribty "Behind the Music"

Monday, October 13, 2014

Week of 10/13


Monday- Class will review Demorgpahic Semgnetation. We will begin to take notes and look at exaplems of Geographi Segmentation. Comparing Resyranctas based off location( Local-The Varsity- Regional- Zaxbts).

Tuesday- Stundets will begin to work on Geographic Segmentation Assignment. Stundets will have to to create a PP and list businesses that are located in a region.

Wednesday- Complete Assifnt on Geograph Segmentation. Work on Benfit Segmentation assignement.

Thursday- Take a Quiz over locations of the business. Make sure all work has been completed

Friday- Shark Tank Friday. Taste The Chip

Monday, October 6, 2014

Week of 10/6-10/10

Into Marketing:

Monday -
Introduction to market segmentation. Lecture on stereotypes.

Tuesday- Begin notes on marketing segmentation.

Wednesday- Lecture on understanding geographic location. compare 12 companies based of location.

Thursday- continue notes on target marketing. Students will begin to work on magazine cover based off age and gender segments

Friday- Students will complete their magazine cover and take a quiz over target marketing.

Sports Marketing:

Things to be done for the week :

-Design breast cancer shirts
-Order breast cancer items
-Organize homecoming tailgate
-Start winter sports websites
-Finish extreme sports project
-NCAA regulations
-National bullying prevention