Monday, November 14, 2016

Week of 11/14

Sports Marketing

This week we will be covering contracts of sports, entertainment and other various contracts. Students will research contracts and discover what are some disadvantages of some contracts.
Such as: Incentives, bonus, pay-out, and other arrangements.

 In addition we will begin to discuss elements of entertainment from the 70's. Students will begin by picking a theme from the era and create a opening segment.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Week of 10/24/16


In this week of Marketing students will work on the meaning of color, Geographic Segmentation, and the magazine covers.

Monday- Students will take notes on Location and begin to research 5 business of each type. Determine what is a franchise.

Tuesday- Students will research a company and how much it is to purchase a company, and begin to finish research companies.

Wednesday- Friday- Students will look up the meaning of color and research the theme of each. This will help students create their magazine covers

Sports Marketing-

Prep for Silent Library. Students will spend the week preparing for the weekly news show,. Groups will be filming on segments of Breast Cancer, Entertainment Segment and others that come up,

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week of 10-10-16

Sports Marketing

Students will be putting the final touches on their Breast Cancer Doors and working on a weekly PSA on Breast Cancer for the weekly show. In addition students will be working on Homecoming Week Entertainment Segment for the show.

Beyond the Textbook:
Students will be engaged in heavy discussion and research on the impact of sexual preference in the workplace and the playing field. Students will research a person or situation that faces these challenges.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Week of 9-19-16

Marketing- This week focus is on Supply/Demand and deciding what the price should be on items.

Monday- Students will be introduced to Supply Demand. Does supply depend on the product or the person who says but the product. We will begin taking notes and look at key examples of products.

Tuesday- Students will continue to take notes and begin to talk about utilities in the form, time and possession. We will be given handout on the supplier.

Wednesday- Students will work on a Form Utility Assignment and SWOT analysis. Students will complete a  SWOT on a business and a individual SWOT! What happens with the price.

Thursday- Students will finish completing their SWOT assignment and FORM assignment,

Friday- Taste test Friday!

Sports Marketing-

The focus all week in Sports Marketing is Extreme Sports. What is the most dangerous sport in the world?What is the most dangerous job int eh world? We will pick extreme jobs as well learn about cheer leading. Also we will visit Mount Rushmore. Who is the best? Who belongs on top? You tell me.Be sure to defend your picks!!!!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Week of 9/12/16


Students will work on their 7 Functions Project.

Monday- Students will look a the class-Good,bad, middle promotions. Students will share their thoughts on the process.

Tuesday-Wednesday- Thursday- Students will blog on sex in marketing. Students will work with a partner to create their 7 Functions of Marketing project. Each function should be displayed with 3 pictures to represent the function.

---Students will have a function test of Friday.
---  Students will have a taste test on   Friday 

Sports Marketing

Students will move to Pros/Ame. Notes will be given and students will work on Ame entertainment assignment

Entertainment Edition-
Students will work on a Prostate Cancer PSA.
Students will create a segment for the weekly news show

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week of 9-6-16

Sports/ Marketing 

How Was your draft. Students will look and analyze their fantasy football draft.  We will take a look at how it relates to a business.

Students will read the article.... And critique...

Students will also finish watching broke, and we will introduced to the stock market, and students will be assigned a word to teach the class on.

Words to choose from include but are not limited to...

Chapter 11                       Chapter 7
Bankruptcy                      Uncle Sam
Credit                               APR/Interest

Monday, August 29, 2016

Week of 8-29-16

Link-  Goods and Services Quiz.

Sports Marketing

** This is the week we have all been waiting for!!! We will have our 6th Annual Brown Fantasy Football draft on Friday. Students will prep this week and complete a Mock Draft on Wednesday to prepare for the Live Draft on Friday!!

** This weeks Subject Focus on Funding/Money/Revenue and Bankruptcy. Students will research a person who has filed for Chapter 11 or 7 and put together a small presentation on the word and its impact on Money.

** Begin to have discussion on Breast Cancer Awareness Month, picking a date and ideas to share with teachers and Administration on the Manner.

Freshman Seminar-

What is your talent.( Monday- Tuesday- Students will finish writing their Elevator pitch and begin to learn so that may present on Wednesday.

Tuesday- Students will have work session with UNL Representative.

Wednesday- Students will perform their elevator pitch in front of me or recorded.

Thurs/Friday- Team Building Days. Students will work together in groups to perform a goal, working together is the key, no outside assistance will be given.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Marketing Today

Todays Link-
Click On the Website below...

1. View one of the elevator pitches on the page
2. Blog- You are to blog about what do you believe is the mist important part of an elevator pitch
3. 2nd Half of class your edit pitches will be given back for you to edit and begin to learn

Monday, August 22, 2016

Week of 8-22-16

Sports Marketing-

Lets Get It Done this Week!

Week Focus- Show Me the Money- Students will take notes and analyze the different aspects of where the money goers in Sports and Entertainment.
During the week students will complete
       1. Complete Notes on Subject Matter
       2. Complete A Hierarcy Chart
       3. Follw the Money Assignment
       4. Video Clips

1. Students will compete in the #SoGoneChallenge
2. We are going to organize a campaign to help Baton Rouge

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Week of 8/15

General Announcements- Have all paperwork completed and returned  to class by Thursday 8-8-16

Sports Marketing-

School Spirit is a Major Priority this week. Students will make signs and posters,send tweets and interview players to promote the first home football game Friday night.. In addition students will work on weekly classroom assignments. Which Include

Monday/Tuesday- Students will Begin to present their Motivational Videos that they created students, will share how this could be motivational to someone who needs it. Students will check ESPN,TMZ for daily info that is shared in the Cooler Talk.

Wednesday/Thursday - Motivational Movies, Books, Poems and quotes will be discussed. What Sparks one of the famous people you like. Students will spend two days on researching a entertainer and explain their story on what inspired them. Students will also have the opportunity to discuss movies based off true stories.

Friday- Continue to present the inspiring words presentation. Tweet Day! Send out info for tonight's game to have a sell-out! Create signs for referees and print out football plays,rosters and other info.


Monday- Wednesday 
*** Some students will work on elevator pitch in conjunction with their other assignments, Create a 50-60 second pitch to introduce themselves. Key point to keep in mind is not to introduce themselves into the last sentence

Thursday- SWOT Analysis- Students will tell what their personal strengths  weakness,opportunities, and threats are.

Friday- Personalty Assessment PowerPoint Check. As part of your ongoing semester presentation, I would be conducting a check on Friday. Be prepared.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Welcome Back Week of 8-8-16

Welcome all to the 2016-2017 school year. I hope you are ready for a exciting fast paced semester in the Word of Marketing,Sports, and Entertainment.

Marketing - This week we will  learn how to communicate in a professional manner.

Monday- Students will discover  how to develop a professional memo that deals with personal hygiene.

Tuesday- What is a flame? Flaming text messages and email. We will discuss what to say and not to say in the form of written communication.

Wednesday- Social Media Does Good/Bad.. Students will discuss the good bad and ugly when it comes to social media. Students will create a positive vs.negative social medial collage

Thursday- Students will continue  to work on Social Media Collage an other weekly various assignments that will be completed by the end of class today.

Friday- Students will take  Pre-Common Assessment for the Fall 2016 course. Students will be introduced to what is a elevator pitch

Sports Marketing- Welcome Back and welcome to level 2. This class is run like a business with deadlines that must be met in a timely manner. This week we will begin to prep for the semester.

Week in View- What is your passion??? Students will create a 5 minute presentation of motivational topics that goes into a video. The theme is about inspiring others. We also will create a fuel campaign. Groups will work to come up with a concept to get pledges from students  to take a fuel pledge.

Other item to decide First home football game posters and game night theme
Create game theme nights.
Breast Cancer Awareness Ideas
Top 10 for the Week

Monday, March 14, 2016

Week of March 14


Monday- Students will review the Segmentation Unit. Then Students will work on a SWOT analysis of their individual self on how they view themselves. Begin Segmentation assignment.

Tuesday- Students will be given a rubric on the final project for the unit. Create 3 projects that Target a specific group of people. Keep in mind to meet your target.

Wednesday-Thursday-  Work on presentation day. Be reminded that color is important and certain rules apply when it comes to age.

Friday- Turn in unit project and explain. Take unit test over segmentation.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Week of 3/7

Sports Marketing

Monday- Students will finish superhero project presentations

Tuesday- Students will begin taking notes on benefits segments and discuss

Wed- Continue benefit segments and begin looking at product business that benefits us

Thursday- Organize business that provide benefits. Look at the BBB for insight

Friday- Continue work from Thursday

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

week of February 23, 2016

   Sports Marketing

 Monday sports marketing, students will discussed extreme and dangerous jobs example window washer.

Tuesday students will pick extreme project and begin a five minute presentation. Does protection work? 

Wednesday students will watch a segment from extreme jobs, and then will continue on working on extreme project.

Thursday and Friday students will present their extreme project and continue trust or nah.


Monday students will discuss magazine and how they target people.

Tuesday students will work on their target market magazine cover.

Wednesday students will turn in their magazine cover and begin taking notes on location.

Thursday students will do a local/ regional location assignment

Friday students will do a national/ global location assignment


Monday, February 8, 2016

Week of 2/8

Marketing Week of February 8,2016

Monday- Students will be introduced to Target Marketing! Notes will be given on who is a suspect

Tuesday-Continue with Target Market ; suspicious?- Car, Person

Wednesday- Target Magazine Cover- Do we buy Magazine better off of the cover?

Thursday- Finish Magazine Cover targeting a specific group

Friday- BLOG/ Quiz over Target Group

Sports Marketing 

Monday- Students will be introduced to the most dangerous sports

Tuesday- Students will take a test over NCAA

Wednesday-Students will pick an extreme sport or job and create a presentation

Thursday-Work on presentations

Friday-Trust Fall and present presentations

Monday, February 1, 2016

Week of 2/1

                                                                       Sports Marketing

Monday- Students will be introduced to the New Unit. Amateur/Pro Sports. We will look at sports that have more of a impact in the Southeast than other regions.

Tuesday- Students will take notes over then they will pick a topic to lead a 5 minute teaching discussion on 

Wednesday- Work on presentation and they will discuss the impacts of National Signing Day

Thursday- Students will lead their presentations

Friday- Complete Study Guides and prepare for test on Monday February 8,2016