Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week of 1/20- 1/23


Monday- Students will discuss the financial impact of MLK day and events
                 Take common assessment
Tuesday-  Film/act elevator pitch
                Define chapter one
Wednesday- Finish elevator pitches
                    Begin "What is marketing" power point
Thursday- Completing "What is marketing" power opint
                  Last call for elevator pitches
Friday- Intro to the 7 functions of marketing project

Sports Marketing

Monday- Take common assessment
                Class discussion of athletic competition
                Students will post blog on topic

Monday, January 12, 2015

Week of 1/12/15 - 1/16/15

 Intro to marketing-

1/12/15: Today we will introduce elevator pitches. Understanding the importance of a first impression.

1/13/15: students will begin working on their own elevator pitch and start by finding a quote that fits them best.

1/14/15 - 1/15/15: Continue working on elevator pitch and practice performing it face to face.

1/16/15: - common assessment- , finish working on elevator pitches.

Sports and entertainment marketing:

1/12/15: Students will finish working on College, sport, or movie brochure and turn them in.

1/13/15: Introduction PowerPoint to pro/college sports.

1/14/15: Finish Powerpoint on Sports. Look Behind the music Lyrics

1/15/15:Kids will pick 4 songs with lyrics and say the meaning of the songs.

1/16/15: common assessment -